OK Dollar FAQ's

What is OK $?
OK $ is mobile payment system which is fast, secure and Safe, Convenient ways to pay and receive money, Easy accounting on your expenditures, Easy Access, 24 X 7 available, for more functionality details visit our website www.okdollar.com.
How to register with OK $ ?
To use OK $, First you have to download OK $ mobile application, which is available in

Register with your mobile number and other mandatory field and you are ready to pay using OK$.

What is an OK $ account ?

OK $ is a prepaid e-wallet account. You can make easy and faster payments to any person through your mobile app.

Do I have to open a bank account to have an OK $ account ?

No bank account needed to register with OK $. The main objective of OK $ is to bring the experience of e-banking to the unbanked population.

What do I need to start using OK $ services ?

Sim card/PhoneNumber is the key identification for your OK $ account. You can avail the services through

Can I send money to a person who is not registered with OK $ ?

Yes, you can. The receiver will get an SMS notification. The money will be transferred to their wallet only after they register with OK $ . If they don’t register within 6 months, the money will be forfeited.

Is there any minimum limit to keep money in OK $ ?

As per the current regulation, there is no limitation to keep money in OK $.

What if my mobile is lost or stolen ?

You have to immediately contact the IWL customer care (+95 ) to block your account to avoid misuse of the account. Alternatively, you can directly visit our official website www.okdollar.com and block your account by entering your mobile number and password.

How to login and what is the functionality ?

Open the OK $ application, go to login page and put your mobile number and password,following menu will appear

How long does it take to send money (Pay To…) ?

It takes less 6 second to transfer money from your OK $ account to another account.

Will the person I am sending money be notified ?

Yes, they will receive SMS with details of sender and amount received. Push notifications also will be sent to the receiver.

Is there a limit on the number of transactions I can do ?

If you are using with personal account, there is a limit set at 3 transactions a day with a maximum total amount of 10 lakh. This has been set by the Central Bank of Myanmar. If you are using with business account, there is no limitation for the number of transaction times and money

Where I can Cash in and Cash out OK $ money ?

Anybody who has OK $ account can Cash In or Cash Out, or you can click Agent search on your OK $ application and do Cash In or Cash Out with any desired agent from the list. You can also visit the nearest bank branch and do Cashin/Cashout.

How to send money to your family & friends ?

Open OK $ application then go to Pay to function and put your family or friend's number, the amount and send, receiver will receive a SMS and Push notification regarding the payment.

What is Pay without ID function ?

Pay without ID is a classic feature which allows the customer to do payments through OK $ App without disclosing the sender phone Number. This feature will make the user comfortable to pay without having the worries of disclosing their personal phone number to a merchant/stranger.

How to check my Transaction and Balance ?

All the user preferences and Transaction details can be accessed from the Settings Page. Open settings and go to transaction history, you can find all your transaction details with balance sorted in chronological order. To check balance only, open settings and go to check balance menu.

How to change the password ?

Open setting and go to change password, Enter old password and new password to change the password. Once password is changed, the application logs out for security purpose. You can now login with the new password.

How to recharger your mobile balance? How to transfer mobile balance to other phone ?

The OK $ app has intelligent system to identify the Telco . The customer needs to enter only the amount and pin number to do a topup for his own number.
if you want to recharge yourself, touch "myself" button and if you want to recharge to others, touch "other" button and choose amount and phone number to recharge.

How to use bonus point or loyalty ?

Bonus points are accumulated based on the merchant name. Each time you make payments to a merchant ( who has enabled loyalty program) you will receive bonus points for that merchant.

To redeem/use the loyalty points, click Bonus point and you can view the merchant name and the associated bonus points you have gained. You can click the merchant whose bonus point you want to use and enter the phone number of the merchant and amount of point to be redeemed. Once redeem is successful, the merchant and you will receive SMS and push notification for the same.

For Advance Merchant
How to register Safety Cashier ?

Safety cashier is registered in a similar fashion to a normal subscriber/merchant registration with the following changes

Merchant vs Advance Merchant vs Safety Cashier ?

Merchant: Merchant is similar to a normal subscriber who can do payments with slightly elevated privileges as mentioned below

  1. Bonus points : Bonus points are gained by customers on every purchase.
  2. Discount Money : Discount money are disbursed by the merchant to customers for increasing his customer.
  3. Cash back : Cashback is configured by the merchant, and based on the rules set by the merchant, the customers will x% on the amount paid by the customer.
  4. Location Broadcasting for easy payments : Merchants can broadcast their shop location. This will be viewed in the map when customer search for nearby merchants based on name/category.
  5. Promotions : Promotion are like advertisements, for the merchants to notify the customers who search for merchants in the near by location/ based on the category as mentioned above
  6. Bank cashout :Merchants need not go to any agents /banks for cashout. OK $ system will credit the amount to the merchants predefined Bank account, on a single click .

Advance Merchant : Advance merchant is similar to Merchant with the following differences mentioned below,

Advance Merchant : Safety Cashiers are registered under Advance Merchant.

The main purpose of Safety cashiers are at the cash counters receiving payments from the customer. The payments received from the customer are credited to the Advance merchant and not to the safety cashier.
The safety cashier only receives SMS / Push notification that payment is being received from the customer and amount has been transferred to the advance merchant number.

How to set-up discount money ?

Merchant has the freedom to define the phonenumber / customers to whom the discount money should be disbursed. Merchant can also decide the amount to be disbursed for each customer. This list will be sent to the OK $ team by the merchant and the corresponding amount will be disbursed to the customers from the system.

How to set-up bonus point or loyalty ?

Only Merchants can login to the Bonus Point portal ( https://okdollar.net/LoyaltyPortal)
Merchant can use their Phone Number and same password to login to the portal and configure the bonus points.
Merchant can set the rules for the bonus points disbursement on ratio basis. For eg :


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